Available Openings:

Postdoc Openings

  • Postdoc position on integrated microwave/THz devices and magnonics

One postdoctoral position is available in Prof. Xufeng Zhang’s group (https://xlab.sites.northeastern.edu/) at Northeastern University (Boston). Zhang group focus on interdisciplinary research areas including integrated microwave/THz devices, magnonic devices, hybrid quantum systems. The candidate is expected to have a strong experimental background in electrical engineering, physics, and other related areas. Experience in micro/nanofabrication, microwave/THz measurements, spintronics, superconducting devices, cryogenic instrumentation is desired. The starting date is flexible. Candidates can email Prof. Xufeng Zhang (xu.zhang@northeastern.edu) with a curriculum vitae.


We are looking for highly motivated PhD students with backgrounds in Engineering or Physics. We also welcome undergraduate students to participate in our lab research. Please contact us for more details.